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The ELI now offers one-on-one speaking and writing help for international undergraduate students in the Speaking and Writing Studio.

Speaking Studio: Meet one-on-one with an experienced ELI faculty consultant to receive feedback and support with any area of your spoken English, from fluency and confidence building to pronunciation practice. You may use the Studio to develop a self-study plan for improving any element of your communication in English, or you may focus your studio consultation on a specific speaking event, such as an upcoming class presentation, job interview, or networking event. 

Writing Studio: Meet one-on-one with an experienced ELI faculty consultant to receive feedback and support with any area of your written English. You may use the Studio to better understand writing assignments, to brainstorm ideas, to begin drafting and outlining, or to refine your drafts for submission. You can also get individual help with your specific questions about English grammar and usage.  Questions: ELIStudios@umich.edu


When it's time for your appointment

1. Sign into WCOnline and click on your appointment time block

2. Click the link to "Start or Join Online Consultation" on your appointment Pop-Up window.

To Upload a document

1. Click on the double arrow button from the toolbar on the top right (button Left of the Clock button)

2. Select “Choose file” to upload your document

3. Click “Import Now”

4. Your file should now be uploaded into the text box 


Eligibility: Currently registered undergraduate students in any U-M school or college may attend up to four (4) Studio appointments per term.

Cancellation: If you cannot attend a Studio appointment, you need to cancel at least 12 hours in advance. This makes it possible for another student to make use of this Studio time. If you cannot provide this notice, then you need to appear for your appointment.

You can cancel your appointments at any time (up to 12 hours before the start of your appointment) by logging into the scheduling system at [umicheli.mywconline.com].

If you miss two appointments without canceling at least 12 hours in advance, you will not be permitted to sign up for subsequent Studio appointments this term.

Language Studio Research Project: 

A group of faculty at ELI is conducting research to determine the English speaking and writing needs of undergraduate students at the University of Michigan. This group has received IRB approval to collect data from the Speaking and Writing Studio in order to help us refine the Studio offering and to build high quality ELI academic English courses for undergraduates in the future.

This data collection may include descriptions and examples from our work and conversations in the studio. This will never include your name or any other identifying details.

Your participation does not require any additional effort on your part. You will receive no extra benefit or compensation for allowing information from your sessions to be included.

You can opt out of inclusion in this research project for any reason at any time. There will be no effect on your access to the Studio or any other ELI offering if you do opt out.

If you have questions or wish to opt out, please contact the Studio Consultant, Dr. Judy Dyer at jdyer@umich.edu or speak to her at the beginning of your first session.